Powering a new generation of Internet access.

Consider how you use the Internet today. Downloading and streaming content. Sharing photos and videos. Connecting more devices at once. Watching TV wherever you go. Gigasphere is a new cable technology that will power your cable Internet modem so you can get more out of the Internet. All delivered over the same cable connection you have now. It’s a new generation of cable broadband service – faster, smoother and better. Welcome to Gigasphere.

Get more out of the Internet

More content, faster

Gigasphere services allow for much higher Internet speeds—up to 10 Gbps downloading and up to 2 Gbps uploading. Streaming movies and TV shows is smoother with less lag or buffering. Downloading movies, music and games is faster. Sharing photos and videos is easier.

More devices at once

The average household now has many connected devices, often in use at the same time. Gigasphere services have the capacity to let them operate faster, with less interruption, including your wireless devices running on your home WiFi network.

Today and tomorrow

Gigasphere technology will improve how you use the Internet today. And it positions you for advancements to come, like 4K Ultra HD, the next generation of TV technology, and smart home technology. It’s a better way to connect to the people and things you love.

What's behind the name?

Gigasphere is the brand name for products and services that use a technical specification called DOCSIS 3.1, the next generation of Data Over Cable Interface Specification (DOCSIS) services. It’s built upon previous DOCSIS technology, which dramatically expanded the capacities of Internet access services.

DOCSIS 3.1 combines the capabilities of both generations of technology onto a single platform for cable Internet Service Providers. And it will support all generations of cable modems.

Peek under the hood


What is Gigasphere?

Gigasphere is the consumer-facing name for products and services that will flow from the technology spawned by DOCSIS 3.1, a technical specification enabling higher Internet access speeds and a more robust Internet experience.

Why Gigasphere?

Cable industry leaders believed that DOCSIS 3.1 was too technical of a name to be able to summon the full breadth and scope of the services that the specification itself will enable. Gigasphere is a much more consumer friendly term that highlights the incredibly fast access to the world, the Web, and the things that matter most to cable broadband subscribers. Cable Internet Service Providers will use Gigasphere in talking about their new generations of Internet services, and to describe the breadth, scope, scale, opportunity and impact of cable’s next-generation technology.

Will Gigasphere be a brand name or product name used for specific products?

Gigasphere is a category name, used to encompass the DOCSIS 3.1 platform itself as well as the many products and services the technical specification will enable. While it may be used in combination with specific products and services sold and marketed by cable companies, it’s not expected to be used as a brand name for any specific cable product line.

Are Gigasphere services in the market yet?

Gigasphere technology still is in development, based on the DOCSIS 3.1 technical specification, and as the industry transitions from DOCSIS 3.0 to DOCSIS 3.1 and beyond. Cable companies are adopting it and will deploy it based on the pace that works best for their business plans and customers. Over time, Gigasphere will gain widespread use in the U.S. and other parts of the world.

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